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What We Do

We provide insights, guidance, and execution services to help you achieve your business and financial goals in Africa.

We work across various sectors providing the following services:

Funding Startups

We fund pre-seed and seed-round start-ups.

Outsourced business processes and service

We manage and handle policy and regulatory requirements. We work with an Ecosystem of Partners in legal, regulatory, tax, accountancy, recruitment, strategy and corporate finance to provide a tailored one-stop service. We want you to focus on running your business and not let the logistic and practical support tie down your daily activities or operation.

Transaction Finance

Short term finance instruments for MSMEs.

Asset Investment

Blackstone manages funds for individuals and companies to grow their finances and portfolio. We have a diverse range of asset investments providing good appreciation and returns.

Market Entry and Expansion services (MEE) encompassing

1. Market analysis
2. Go-to-market support
3. Company representative (legal entity, local human capital recruitment, acquisition, benefits, and retention)
4. Market implementation capacity (training local and international teams on how to navigate the African market, demographic data, situation analysis, and strategic advisor)
5. Local customer service and operations support
6. Stakeholder mapping, engagement and events


Listen to what our amazing start start ups have to say about us:

Blackstone is the perfect platform for the new generation of entrepreneurs who don’t know where to go or what to do. Aspiring entrepreneur looking to start your business? I highly recommend checking out Blackstone – an invaluable resource to help get your business off the ground. –

Ammad Phiri Co-founder - Veganic Foods

If you are looking to learn about entrepreneurship, you have to check out Blackstone. They have awesome interviews with some of Nation’s leading business experts.

Pastoria Founder - Bookie Innovations

Blackstone have been crucial in helping our company design and access an investment and trade finance package which works for us. They will continue to assist us in the future, to make sure we get the right funds at the right time to further develop our business. They are positive, creative and find the right solutions.

Lovedale Hakuyu Co-founder - Tarnex Recycling

Blackstone Services were recommended to me, and lived up to my expectations. Very impressive service from start to finish.

Patrick Sikalinda Co-founder - Yeah Innovations

Blackstone is the perfect platform for the new generation of entrepreneurs who understand that having a business partnership with an investor that offers shared support services I.e. accounting, human resource and legal, make it that easier to focus on the core function of the business. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start your business? I highly recommend Blackstone – there offering is an invaluable resource to help get your business off the ground.

Jonathan Njovu Yeah Co-founder

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